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Cadiz is a port city in southwestern Spain. It is the capital of the province of Cadiz, one of eight that make up the autonomous community of Andalusia.
Cadiz, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Iberian Peninsula and possibly of all southwestern Europe, has been a major home port for the Spanish Navy since the accession of the Spanish Bourbons in the 18th century. The city is a member of the Network of European Cities oldest. It is also the site of the University of Cádiz.
Despite its unique location - on a narrow spit of land surrounded by sea - Cadiz is in many ways a typical Andalucian town with a wealth of attractive landscapes and historical monuments well preserved. The older part of Cádiz, within the remains of city walls, commonly known as the Ciudad Vieja (Spanish, Casco Antiguo). It is characterized by the antiquity of its various sectors (districts), including the El Populo, La Viña, and Santa Maria, which present a marked contrast to the newer areas of the city. Although the plan of the Old City, the street is made up of narrow alleys connecting large plazas, new areas of Cádiz typically have wide avenues and modern buildings. The city is dotted by numerous parks where exotic plants flourish, as giant trees supposedly brought to Spain by Columbus in the New World.

Gadir, the original name given to the station established here by the Phoenicians, means "wall, consisting of" or, more generally, "walled fortress". The Punic dialect give this word, along with many others, the Berber languages, which means nativised as agadir "wall" in Tamazight and "fortified granary" in Shilha, but appears as a common place name in the north of Africa. The name of the Israeli city of Gedera has a similar etymology.
Later the city became known by a name similar Attic Greek, Gadeira, τὰ Γάδειρα. Ionic Greek, the name is spelled slightly differently, Gḗdeira Γήδειρα. This spelling appears in the histories written by Herodotus. On rare occasions, the name is spelled ἡ Γαδείρα Gadeira, for example, in the writings of Eratosthenes (witness Stephen of Byzantium).
In America, the town was known as Gades, in modern Arabic, is called قادس, Kadis. The Spanish autonym by a resident of Cadiz is Cadiz.


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