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You've probably wondered about maximizing your Motorhome holiday in Perth. Perth has 400 hectares of virgin bush botanical garden, famous for its Swan River and Kings Park, museums Perth, Perth Perth Zoo and others should see.
Backyard of your mind should be thinking about doing things in Perth that are free as long as possible.
With a caravan you can explore and satisfy your craving for Perth as they are on their schedule.
This takes you to exotic attractions Cottesloe Beach and Palm Beach. You can also take a look at Kings Park.
Tourists can also set a caravan quick thinking on wildlife Perth. Lake Monger is only 10 minutes from the city, is an ideal base to feed the eyes of its outstanding waterfowl: the emblem of Western Australia - the black swan.

Or visit one of Australia's famous zoo located just five minutes from the central business district of Perth. Began to open in 1898 and since that day have not closed their doors. It is open every day from nine o'clock until five o'clock. The zoo costs $ 20 for adults and $ 10 for children between four and fifteen years old. Children under four are free to bring them all if you intend to keep an eye on them, while in animals. Zoos have food and drinks so you do not have to worry about not having lunch or breakfast. Sure it's a good way, but to spend a meal with his vehicle camper. If you wanted a more personal experience and wildlife up close as making friends with kangaroos, koalas cuddling, feeding the deer and the Caversham Wildlife Park can be perfect. Caversham Wildlife Park is 30 minutes from the Perth business district spending only $ 15 for adults and $ 10 for children. Do not forget your camera!

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