Travel Namibia Safari the Best of Safari Tourism Attractions in Namibia

When considering a safari Namibia, which is considering taking a safari to South Africa on a safari in the Namib Desert. There are five geographical areas in Namibia.

These areas are the central plateau containing the capital city of Namibia in Windhoek. The second area is the Namib Desert, which is a hyper-arid gravel plains and dunes along the entire coast line. The coast includes the dunes of Namibia, which are the largest sand dunes in the world. Also here is the Skeleton Coast National Park, which may have cool mornings and fog. The northern half of the park is designated wilderness. This is also home to many shipwrecks. The Cape Cross Seal Reserve has a number of fur seal colonies.

The third area is the scarp of a large area and mountain views with the mountains reaching over 6500 feet. Then there is the savannah in the northeast of Namibia, which has a lot of rain up to about 16 centimeters a year. The land is generally flat and sandy, and includes 75 miles long Namibia Etosha Pan A safari could include a visit to Etosha National Park, which is home to 114 different mammal species and is one of the largest game reserves in Africa.

The climate is semi desert temperatures can vary from 104 in the summer to frost in the winter. This is a large area with a relatively small population that borders the Atlantic Ocean. Covering long distances and some roads in disrepair.

Fishriver Canyon Park is smaller than the Grand Canyon, but it is magnificent. You can not walk alone in the canyon though. There is a hiking trail that is open Fishriver April 15 to November 15 due to high summer temperatures, it may be over 110 degrees.

The last area of ​​Namibia is the Kalahari desert, which shares borders in Botswana and South Africa.

Namibia's beaches are more than half of sand. Only a small percentage is rocky.

If you plan a safari Namibia as any safari to Africa, which have to be prepared to walk and observe. Which is full of wildlife and flora and fauna of antelopes, lions and leopards, depending on where you travel in Namibia. South of Namibia is home to wild horses.

Depending on where you take your safari you can enjoy the sea life or visit a historic town called Swakopmund, which is 280 kilometers west of the capital and is a spa with walkways and palm trees. On the outskirts of the city along the Swakop River is one of the five worlds of all golf courses desert grass called Campo de Oro Rossmund the first nine holes designed by Robert Trent Jones, and surrounded by the Namib Desert dunes and Barba.

Namibia is a diverse area of ​​desert and the coast. A Namibia safari booked to visit could include visiting many different geological zones in one trip. You can see the coastal cities and the vast desert sand dunes.

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