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African safari holidays and vacations are fun and adventure. Experts Essenia Safari Safari is a Kenya-based shipowner fun-filled adventure that offers educational trips and safaris in East Africa region. Kenya continues to be the original home of the most authentic safaris that explore without losing track of the nature of endless rolling plains of the Masai Mara, rugged mountain peaks of Mount Kenya to the pristine white sand beaches of Lamu.
Masai Mara is a world-renowned nature reserve covering 1510 kilometers square. The reserve is home to a variety of wild animals. Famous for its black maned lions, Mara has many proud. large herds of elephants roam the endless plains dotted with acacia trees. The Mara is a very important to keep alive the river, the Mara River. It is here, where millions of ungulates, wildebeests, zebras and gazelles across life-threatening every year. The leaves dipped in its wake thousands of dead animals can not jump the high bank of the river, drowing and hunting of crocodiles in the murky waters prowing. This step will take place approximately during the months from July to October thogh this has been greatly affected by weather patterns often vary due to changing world climate. In 2009, during the November mont, wildebeest Many were seen crossing back to Kenya.

The month of January has seen the ravages El Nino causes in Kenya. The Mara River has witnessed rising water levels not seen in previous years. This is a welcome phenomenon from the Mara grass has its parts.

Welcome to the experience with us this nature reserve, the land of the Maasai of a wonderful nature and intimate encounters anywherelse unparalleled in the world. The reservation is a promise of flora and fauna in their natural environment where the horizon is the horizon Stretchin and endless sunsets and sunrises that promises to end and begin safari days. Welcome to Masai Mara, Kenya.

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