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Kremlin is undoubtedly the heart of the greatest nation in the world that Russia is a cultural haven of a nation that has had a long history of bloodshed and suffering under despotic and autocratic emperors political figures. Kremlin a fortified complex of 68 hectares covered by a wall of 2,235 feet long and a height of 5 to 19 meters! Churches, palaces, all arsenals and a long and rich history of his own struggle to find their place here.

So unique!

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Since the beginning of the 12th century the Kremlin has been the heart of Russia, with a brief period when Peter the Great moved his capital to Kremlin burg Peter was deprived of that status only. When Russia emerged as the capital of world Communism, the Kremlin had the role of management ideology that world wide!
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In its centuries-old history that has witnessed numerous plays often horrible in the corridors of power, whether religious or political.
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Despite the horrendous course of history, the Kremlin had to undergo its towers are still a feast for the eyes of the spectators, because they are works of art, a unique and unmatched.

A Phoenix.
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Kremlin is the official residence of the Russian President was Peter Metropolitan of Rus, who moved the seat from Kiev to Moscow. had been destroyed several times, but always woke up from the ashes as new and beautiful maiden in her teens.

The complex existed even before it came to be known as the Kremlin (former name was Grad, name Kremlin, 1331), the first to make extensive beautification works and considerable extension Dolgoruky in 1156. The "credit" destroying Kremlin first goes to the Mongols in 1237, but was rebuilt in 1339.

Ivan the Great.

1462 -1505 was the golden time of Ivan the Great in the Kremlin in front of the rose in the heart of Russia. Ivan defiantly tore the binding agreement with Mongolia and declared off to care for their own affairs. Ivan was one who rebuilt the cathedral, and the palaces and arsenals of the fortress. He brought skilled architects of Italy to Pierto Antonio Solari and Marco Rufo were prominent among them. Kremlin remained in this glory until Peter the Great moved the capital to St. Petersburg.

Napoleon destroyed.
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Napoleon's French army invaded and occupied the Kremlin during a period (September 2 to 11 October). At the time of its withdrawal from Napoleon ordered to blow up the whole structure, and the Kremlin burned for three days (21 to 23 October), and finally a timely rain put out the fire. Several towers and valuable archives were lost in this terrible incident. As usual, this damage was repaired also the architect Osip Bave during the period of Alexander 1. Kremlin emerged in a more beautiful in its Gothic Stylites was built by Peter the Great, for the storage of weapons, gradually gained the status of a deposition of exquisite royal palace. With the withdrawal of Napoleon served as an exhibition of weapons captured by Napoleon's army (Grande Armée). The burg became real weapons had been returned to Peter here in 1851. The arsenal is one of the richest celebration of great value and rarest materials on earth, as a diamond weighing 190 carats Orlov.
This is a modern building built by former Soviet Premier Khrushchev in 1961. This has an auditorium with a capacity of 6000 and serves the Communist Party Congress held annually.With Napoleon's retreat served as an exhibition of guns captured by Napoleon's army (Grande Armée). The burg became real weapons had been returned to Peter here in 1851. The arsenal is one of the richest celebration of great value and rarest materials on earth, as the Orlov diamond that weighs 190 carats Monumental bas-relief (sculpture protruding from the walls ....

The large public space built by Ivan the Great, is the representative of the czarist regime. The nobility of the time used to assemble here and high profile ceremonies like coronation etc used to be his place

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