Helsinki City Tour most livable cities in Finland

There is international news. That does not suffer from many of the problems of other European cities do. It is typically a quiet town. One can assume that Helsinki, Finland was not a very interesting place to visit. I could be wrong!

Helsinki has made several claims to fame. A winning city, Helsinki ranks high among tourists to offer the best winter experience, conference place and family resorts.

Awarded Winter Experience

When you think of winter, one of the first images of his mind evokes is that of ice skating. You will find a wonderful track in the center of the city in Helsinki railway station. This skating rink is open outdoors from November through March and offers skate rentals and a cafe. It's a lot of fun for the whole family.

Linnanmäki Winter is a season of events lasting from October to February. To kick things off, the Children's Day Foundation hosts the Carnival of Light. All Linnanmäki amusement park lights up with Christmas lights creating a winter wonderland. Shows are also exciting to see and craft fairs that offer all kinds of crafts Finland. Children and adults will also enjoy the Pearl Ice Show, race simulator of glaciers, strip skating and other activities.

The St. Thomas Christmas Market takes place in November and December for those looking to find unique gift items. But if your interests are more for winter adventures, visit Helsinki in the spring or summer.

Hub Convention and Business Meeting

Helsinki is also internationally recognized as a central point for business meetings and conventions. With two major convention centers, there is plenty of space for groups of all sizes.

Finlandia Hall is an elegant building with all the amenities that business travelers would expect. This downtown waterfront has provided political meetings, financial, trade and cultural rights since 1975. An interesting piece of architecture, Finlandia Hall is both a tourist attraction, as it is a business center.

Best of the Web of Helsinki celebrated the second convention center - the Marina Congress Centre - saying, "Marina Congress Center is [only place for conferences and gala events] located in the heart of Helsinki." With its ocean views, the landscape can only be surpassed by the exceptional cuisine prepared by the restaurant.

However, if you travel for pleasure and not business, will be glad to know Helsinki is also praised for being a family resort.

Family Fun

One thing you'll notice immediately is that Helsinki is a clean city! Residents take pride in the appearance of their city. That is always appreciated by families traveling with small children. Another thing you appreciate is the delicious variety of activities you'll find here.

Campsites, parks, historic sites, theater for children and more to do in Helsinki a great place for family fun. Museums in the cable factory offered three museums in one building with permanent exhibits, as well as spinning. And you do not want to miss Suomenlinna.

Suomenlinna is a sea fortress built on six islands inhabited and is a World Heritage Site. Construction began in 1748 with the intention of defending against Russian expansion. Today, Suomenlinna is a popular tourist attraction, especially on warm summer days.

If you have never visited the capital of Finland, make a point to find a cruise itinerary offering stops in Helsinki. You will find this modern, urban city, overlooking the sea offers a wealth of business and personal travelers to enjoy.

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