Cape town City Beautiful Citi Tour in South Africa

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Pippa De Bruyn offers a comprehensive guide to the South African city, including the best places, restaurants, shops and hotels.

You really can not overstate the case a visit to Cape Town. First, it is beauty in the face of a steep mountain that descends precipitously into a glittering sea, carpeted with green flanks and delicate flowers - more species of plants found throughout the British Isles.
Then there's the white beaches lapped by - it must be said - a chilly Atlantic, its crescent-shaped curves defined by giant rocks. The proximity of nature is a constant source of wonder here, if it is stained zebra and wildebeest grazing on the slopes of Table Mountain, watching the whales breach of a restaurant deck overlooking False Bay, or be arrested by the baboons frolicking near Cape Point.
However, Cape Town has a cool urban edge, too: art galleries, trendy bars, operates worldwide classified and intelligent-design stores make it a contender for the world Design Capital 2014 - and is certainly the most cosmopolitan city in South Africa.
The Dutch planted the first garden and built the Castle of Good Hope bleak in 1666, the French came to the skills they brought home with a gable grace of the early settlers, Malay slaves brought spices and minarets, left Georgian mansions and Victorian English of houses.
Cape Town is a city of contrasts: the sybaritic pleasure and depressing poverty, to hit the seas and valleys vines rugs, their spawning rich soil not only award winning wines, but to produce excellent, which is one of the best (and cheapest ) good food in the world.

You can visit Cape Town almost any time of year. Summer is the most popular, with the peak season from mid-December and early January.
Another wave of visitors descend during the hot months of February and March. In April, temperatures are warm, the light is softer, the Cape Doctor (the south-east wind that howls through the city) is inactive and the sunsets are spectacular.
The mild winter sometimes begins in May, more often in June / July. Sunny days alternating with rains that bring relief green mountain rivers and springs in rocky ravines watering flowers winter fynbos, including proteas, lilies and aloes. This is the most exciting time of year to explore the slopes of Table Mountain on foot.

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