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Guaita strength rises majestically above the capital of the same name in San Marino. This fortress is one of the three towers that surround the city and give the appearance of the history of San Marino. The other two towers and fortresses that were built after Guaita are De La Fratta and the tower of Montale.

Guaita fortress is the oldest of the three towers and is based on the peak of Monte Titano's tail. Whereas it has been maintained for about 10 centuries at the top is not surprising that the most popular of the three towers and a popular tourist aattraction.

Guaita fortress was built in the 11th century and served as jail time. As a national symbol and pride of the inhabitants of San Marino Guaita, along with two other strengths is the national flag and emblem of the country.

The three castles that surround the city are also known by its catchy name - Cake of the Three Towers. This reference of entertainment for the cake comes from the fact that Guaita, De La Fratta and towers of Montale has a similar location on the hill that looks like a three-layer cake covered with chocolate. San Marino residents have definitely made fantasy.

In San Marino you can still see the tower called which was erected in the Middle Ages. That building is very attractive for its pentagonal shape and foundations. The old tower was restored in the 15th century and has since remained virtually unchanged in terms of architecture.

The castle has rooms Guaita enough to be more like prisons where a lot of people died during the dark times. Today Guaita prisons is one of the main attractions at the castle.


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