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The Great Wall of China Tourist Attraction
The Great Wall of China is not just an ordinary travel icon, and also the role it plays in the tourism sector in China has led to the development of the long history and culture of China. People are curious to understand the facts of how the Great Wall was, however, it is not until you visit this majestic structure, they can actually understand the meaning of the Great Wall of China and the rest of the world.
The origin story of the great wall is unknown, but history shows that the wall's construction began in the early seventh century BC and was made of stone, wood, grass and dirt. That's when the first regional kingdom was built for military defense needs. The aim was to protect agricultural land from the invasion of the northern tribes and to keep the Indians to vacate the land. It is used as a military demarcation, there were several watch towers which stood at distances ranging from one to another, these towers replaced the warning system used in ancient time. The fire and smoke marked the day and night respectively. Many of these watchtowers remain in its original position where they were, while some have been destroyed during the revolution.
Over the years, some of the great wall was destroyed and rebuilt several sections have been added. Due to this construction, spread so wide from east to west along almost the entire country. Today, they say that is about 7300 kilometers from one end to another.
There are different sections to go to the wall, all of which have different attractions and features. The sections also represent the roles they play in building the great wall. For adventure lovers, it would be a difficult task to travel the entire length of the wall. The Great Wall Marathon and Half Marathon is an annual marathon race held every year in China. For runners and adventure, this marathon is one of the experiences of a lifetime as they run through the wall 7 miles through villages incredibly beautiful scenery and mountain trails.

For tourists on short stay in China, climbing the great wall of almost any part of North China is possible, though, many travelers prefer to climb the wall of Beijing, because the sections of this part of the wall are very good at making tourism and have great features. Moreover, they are given the opportunity to see other historic sites like the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, etc.
The most popular sections to visit and climb the Great Wall in Beijing are Badaling, Simatai, Mutianyu and sections.
Badaling Section of the Great Wall is located 70 km from downtown Beijing and is the most popular section to climb the wall in Beijing. It was the first part of the wall that opens to tourists. The story goes that the Badaling section was built to protect the passage of Juyongguan, which is the broken Guan'gou and several sites of interest. In this section of the Great Wall was made by huge bar stones and paved with square bricks that Wall pavement smoothly ordered. The Badaling section became a national cultural relic and a list of World Heritage by the United Nations in 1987.
Beijing Simatai section is a very remote and quiet section in the great wall. The ruins and parts intact in this section is what helped to Simatai section earn its reputation of being the only section of the wall. There are features retained from the last few years, who were affected and looks like it used to be like 500 years ago. In this section of the wall is about twelve guard towers at different intervals and lasts about two hours to get to the tower of twelve. Simatai section is a great adventure for hikers and walkers.
The Mutianyu Great Wall is located in Huairou County northeast of Beijing. In this section of the wall is known for its quality construction and unique features compared with other sections of the wall. It is known as the main essence of the great wall, because the style it was built.
In summary, the voyages of the Great Wall is one of the best experiences of a lifetime and it is difficult to understand its history until the visit. That is supposed to be one of the 100 best things to do in this life.

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