Travel Gdansk City Beautiful City in Poland

Gdansk Tours can put the doors of every magnificent church. We can put in a canoe and let you explore places inaccessible by any other means. We can send you back to the last floor of Gdansk and we can arrange a bright vision of the city.

Our guides are passionate and eager for you to experience the wonderful reality of Gdansk. I do not mean the city: they want to share it with you! For incredible that a place can be, is nothing without good people. Let's make sure you experience the city with a good friend, not a capricious old librarian!

Gdansk Tours will handle everything you need to maximize your time here: transport, excellent service, and an incredible variety of excursions and tours to choose. Since we pride ourselves on personalized service, we will be looking out for you every step of the way and working to give a unique view of the city and private. No noisy buses or pedestrians log jams! We put you above the rest, where the air is clear and the vision is 20/20.

We are proud to offer a first class service and unique experiences. We hope to help make your trip to Gdansk very memorable.

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