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Adelaide, next to the River Torrens is the jewel of South Australia. It is a green city, free of traffic jams and is ideal for walking. He is known for its many festivals, oceanfront dining, and wine and culture. It also has an abundance of sports fields, golf courses, cycle paths, gardens and open spaces that border the sea and rivers.

If you are traveling to Adelaide, here are the great things to do:

Beaches: If you like swimming, fishing, walking along the beach and watch the beautiful sunsets head to the beach. Adelaide has a seemingly endless number of beaches in the popular tourist beaches such as Glenelg and Henley Beach, where you can relax, watch dolphins, enjoy a little shopping, eating, fish and more. There are also more isolated and out of the way beaches reefs and crystal clear waters and beautiful views of Port Noarlunga, Moana, Maslin, Port Willunga, which are popular among artists. The white sand beaches and clear waters of the Gulf of Saint Vincent will provide hours of entertainment.

Naracoorte Caves Conservation Park: Naracoorte Caves are 26 caves in the underground complex, five of which are open daily to the public. It's just a short drive from Adelaide. These caves range from easy to adventurous expeditions underground drag one of the caves is the largest colony of Australia's tilting wings of bats that breed there during the summer months.

Port Adelaide, Port Adelaide's historic entrance of the city, where ships from around the world spring, before disgorging its cargo and immigrants in Australia. The port side has been well restored and the big stores and installers boat recreate the atmosphere of a bustling Victorian port.

The Museum of the Sea: The Maritime Museum is dedicated to the seafaring history of the city and contains recreations of various ships that have visited the port more than 150 years. The interesting part is that the database of the museum can trace the family name through catalogs of immigrants who landed there, and a dedicated exhibition you can experience the cramped conditions of an immigrant ship itself.

North Terrace District: The experience of the past. If you go to the North Terrace Adelaide, buildings are the oldest and largest city. Donated gas lamps in the late-20th to commemorate the bicentenary of Australia light up the area. Some of the old stone buildings dating back over a century and a half, are home to the most famous and revered institutions of the city as the State Museum, the Botanic Gardens and Government House.

Museum of South Australia: The South Australia Museum, located on the North Terrace Precinct is the largest collection in the state of cultural and historical artifacts. The skeleton of an enormous whale on the front window stands as one of the city of Adelaide. Has interesting exhibits of dinosaurs, complete fossilized skeletons, Egyptology, natural history and the military. Furthermore, it is a great showcase of religion and lifestyle of the indigenous peoples of Australia.

Adelaide Hills: Go for a walk or a hike in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. These hills contain wineries, wildlife sanctuaries, hiking trails and picturesque villages.

Nightlife: Adelaide has a lively nightlife. There are hundreds of pubs, clubs and bars located in Adelaide, where you can relax with a drink at the end of the day or Bust A Move. Many of these bars, nightclubs and bars are located on Rundle Street in the east and Hindley Street and Light Square in the west.

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