Travel Fraser Island and the Fraser coast Queensland in Australia

GARI K Fraser Island called by the Indians who have lived there for over 5500 years means paradise and is rich in Aboriginal culture. The heritage listed Fraser Island has evolved over 80 million years and is a unique natural environment, where rainforests grow in sand.

Fraser Island, an island is pristine world heritage list and is the largest land mass or unconsolidated sand island in the world and is located off the coast of Fraser, three hours drive north of Brisbane the capital of Queensland.

Fraser Island stretches over 123 kilometers long and is approximately 22 kilometers wide, covering an area of ​​approximately 184,000 hectares. A natural wonder. An island of rare beauty, with long uninterrupted white sand beaches, the cliffs of brightly colored sand, and over a hundred lakes of crystal clear water and fresh, something blue to white sand stands out as a feature. Ancient forests grow in the sand on the banks of the streams of clear water filtered water fresh sand so pure and magical flavor. This is the only sand island in the world with high forest growing on sand dunes over 200 feet high, while the thickets in the lowlands are of major ecological importance, with a magnificent display of flowers wild spring and summer. This sandy island is also home to a pure strain of dog native to Australia, the Dingo.

Getting to Fraser Island is an adventure in itself. Leaving Brisbane on the Bruce Highway north passes through a beautiful country interspersed with cane and pineapple plantations, north of Noosa you have the opportunity to travel along the beach for about eighty miles from Rainbow Beach , which gets its name from the magnificent colors of the sand dunes and sand cliffs.

Rainbow Beach a short drive takes you through the narrow barge of sand, separating Fraser Island from the mainland. Fraser Island Once all of your driving is done in the sand so make sure you have the correct tire pressure for sand driving conditions. Fraser Island offers visitors breathtaking scenery and numerous Bush campsites are available. If you're traveling during the measurement station, which is in spring, Fraser Island becomes a group activity with men as fishermen down in this quiet destination for fishing season to measure, making camping areas full of people.

The wetlands of the Fraser Island is a must for lovers of birds and flora, as it is home to more than 40,000 migratory birds and rare species such as dugongs, turtles, butterflies, blue ants Illidge and eastern curlews. Some of the plants include ferns prints, mangroves and different types of herbs.

Fraser Island North Coast

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