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Colmar is a town in Alsace, France. It was the last town in France to be liberated after the Second World War, February 2, 1945.
Although Colmar is French for most of its modern history (like all of Alsace and Lorraine as well), people used to be predominantly German. Alsace changed nationalities many times in the course of history between France and Germany. During World War II Hitler claimed Alsace (which was annexed to France after Germany lost the First World War) and is very shocking to see photographs of the era with Nazi flags hanging in the streets. Cultural suppression of local culture led to the francification of Alsace (Colmar and with it). However, there still is much talk of German spoken in Colmar, some due to the many tourists from neighboring Germany and Switzerland, but some speak Alsacians native speaking their German dialect called Alsatian. Alsace is the local minority language, although it is endangered, with fewer speakers in the younger generation.
Alsatian German is not identical to standard, but is somewhat mutaully Intellego. In some parts of the city, and in Strasbourg, will be written in German streetsigns below France and Alsace. Among the minority languages ​​of France, Alsace is the most prosperous German now a (followed by Breton, Occitan, Basque and Catalan), and many will be happy Alsatians will be conducted in German rather than French (though not all) . If you do not speak French, German will always be the next preference. Unfortunately English is not widespread, however, if you politely address someone in French can make an effort to help despite the language barriers.

Place to visit
Old town of Colmar is the main attraction, if you come to Colmar. It's incredibly beautiful and well preserved. You should allow a day to stroll the old streets of Colmar and many shops.
Maison des Tetes (House Heads) - a Renaissance building decorated with faces, and Pfister House, a wonderful old wooden house, one of the oldest in Colmar.
Dominican Church visitig worth it just for a famous painting Schongauer. It costs € 4.50 (2006) to enter the paint is very nice and so is the church, but skip this if you are pressed for time.
St. Martin Church a great church entirely made of pink stone.
Unterlinden Museum is a very interesting museum is housed in a medieval convent near the tourist information center. Ov matrices are exhibited different objects, but the highlight is undoubtedly the Isenheim altarpiece by Gruenewald, a revolutionary Alsatian Renaissance painter. Even if not much in the art is still shocking to see how modern and creative painter of this era. The museum also displays some interesting touring exhibitions and musical events. The locals are very proud of this museum and many people turn out for the opening of the exhibition.
Bartholdi Museum dedicated to sculpture of the Statue of Liberty, a native of Colmar.
Little Venice, enjoy this little corner of the city, with small canals reminiscent of Venice, Italy.
Bartholdi High School, near Little Venice. Dating from 1698, worth seeing. If you're brave enough to enter, you will be able to see one of the original sculptures by Auguste Bartholdi, "Genie funeral."

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