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Venice, Italy is in the northern part of the country and is part of the Padua-Venice area of ​​a metropolitan population of 1.6 million dollars. The town consists of 118 islands in the marshy Venetian Lagoon. It was a great maritime area in the Middle Ages and the starting point of the Crusades, as well as playing an important role in the silk trade, grains and spices from the 13th to the 17th century. He was also an important center of art during the Italian Renaissance.

Experts believe that the refugees from Roman cities originally populated Venice who wanted to escape the invasion of Germanic tribes. The Huns of Attila attacked him in the fifth century. From 9 until the 12th century developed into a city-state and became a center of power and trade due to its strategic position at the head of the Adriatic. Was carried out extensive trade with the Byzantine and Muslim world, and late 1400 was one of the most prestigious in Europe. The principal families of the city competed with each other in building great palaces and the support of the works of many of the greatest artists of all time, as Leonardo da Vinci.

Venice is famous worldwide for its canals, which are the main mode of transport in the city. Over 150 channels and over 400 bridges connect the islands. In the oldest part of the city, the canals are the main method of transportation and everyone has around the island on foot. During the 19th century, the railroad came to Venice in the 20th century a causeway for vehicular traffic was built. However, beyond the points of entry, you can not see cars.

The classical Venetian boat is the gondola call and even if used in the past, today is used mainly for tourists and for weddings and other special occasions. Motorized water buses handle the traffic between the islands and there are many privately owned boats. Foot passenger ferry called Traghetti, the service of people crossing in places where there are no bridges. There watertaxis traveling in these channels.

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