Travel Alcázar of Segovia, Spain Tourist Attractions

Segovia is famous for its beautiful castle is believed to have been the inspiration for Walt Disney Castle, Sleeping Beauty, and the Roman aqueduct. Segovia is without doubt one of the best places for a day trip from the capital of Spain in Madrid.

The best time to go to Segovia at the end of October, when there is a festival going on.

There are many things you can do in this city, such as:

Visit the aqueduct that was built almost 2000 years and yet, is in very good condition.
You may also pay a visit to the fairytale castle of Alcazar.
Contempraneo Art Museum Esteban Vicente is a nice place for lovers of art.
You can enjoy the typical dish of Segovia - suckling pig is a pig roast.
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You can also visit the Jewish quarter, which begins in the Plaza del Corpus Cristi.
It is very convenient to go from Madrid to Segovia by bus or train.
You can also go to Salamanca to Segovia on a day trip.

In Segovia, Avila you can go, which is about 60 minutes if traveling by bus. You can go to both places - Segovia and Avila from Madrid in one day, as planned. You can even go to the Escorial.If want to rent a car in Segovia, easyCar is offering service to all reasonable prices.If Spain in Segovia by bus will then make sure that does not go directly to the cathedral. It is on a hill can be seen in the station. The nearest station to the pipeline would be located near Avenida de Fernández Ladreda.

If you go through the train has to go on foot and cross the Paseo Sepulveda Conde to the bus terminal and turn right.After you can go to the tourist office, which is close and get useful information. You can then go to Cervantes to reach the Plaza del Corpus Cristi, where the famous synagogue.Next, visit the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral and cross to the Museum of Witchcraft - the Alzacar.This is one way most effective for your trip to Segovia, there are other routes too, but if you choose one that should carry with you a map and ignore road signs leading to the Plaza Mayor, which is supposed to drivers.

Inside castle, Segovia, Spain and Canary IslandsFerdinand and Isabella, Segovia, Spain and Canary Islands

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