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Agrigento (Girgenti in Sicilian) is an Italian city of 59,166 inhabitants of the capital of the province of Agrigento, Sicily. Throughout its history it has had four names: Ἀκράγας for the Greeks, the Romans Agrigento, Kerkent for the Arabs, the Normans Girgenti, the official name of the city until 1929, when, during the Fascist period, we used a Italianization the name that the city had during the Roman Empire, Agrigento.
Now it is also true that where later raised Akragas city was the scene of the famous city first and most powerful Kamiko led by legendary Kokal, who was the king who arranged her escape Daedalus after the maze Minos in Crete. Agrigento territory has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as shown by the evidence relating to the Copper Age and Bronze Age, located near the city. The birth of the polis is related to the development of the polis Gela, in fact, the city was founded in 581 BC by some inhabitants of Gela, originating from the islands of Rhodes and Crete. Agrigento is a major tourist destination because of its archaeological heritage of extraordinary richness. It also serves as an agricultural center of the surrounding region. Sulfur and potash have been mined locally since Roman times and exported from the nearby port of Porto Empedocle.

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