Travel Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia

Biking to examine the Angkor Wat temples may be a good way to expertise the temples. If you've got a decent level of fitness, you must strive biking to the temples!

The road to Angkor Wat is flat, therefore on that score it's pretty straightforward to bike. however it's rather long. It's eight km to Angkor Wat, roughly another eight km for the little circuit, and then finally eight km going back to city.

Once you are at the Angkor Archeological Park, there are several signs directing you where to travel. therefore it is simple to work out where you next temple is.

Tips on biking to Angkor Wat

Having biked to Angkor myself, there are many things, and tips, that i believe might build your biking expertise a lot of enjoyable (mine too, if I came up with this list sooner).

1. Get the proper bike

This is in all probability what saved my life. I used a mountain bike, the one with multiple gears. Plus, my bike contains a basket within the front where I place my backpack.

2. Get your temple itinerary straight

Since the Angkor Park is large, you must build note on that temples you need to examine. notwithstanding you are going by tuktuk, they divided the visit into two: the large tour, and therefore the tiny tour (petit or grand circuit).

With bike, it makes even a lot of sense to prune and be ruthless along with your selection of temples. It’s far better to fancy the temples in leisure than attempt to see everything with an already tired body.

3. Bring an additional garments for amendment
You will sweat such as you never before. additionally to the particular workout of biking, you've got the added issue of the famously hot Cambodian sun. possibly, your high are going to be totally wet, that can be uncomfortable.

4. Bring enough water
Bring barely enough, as a result of carrying too several water bottles can slow you down, and plus, there are millions of folks selling cold water around.

5. Lunch among the park

When folks visit the temples by the other sorts of transportation, they typically return to Siem Reap for lunch and siesta. however since you are biking, it does not build sense to travel back to city, then back once lunch to still visit. Well, unless you are extremely match, then after all nothing is stopping you.

There are millions of nice places for a calming lunch within the park.

So in short…

The whole purpose of biking to Angkor Wat is to fancy it, and have a good time whereas doing it. that is why i believe a decent level of fitness may be a should.

Also, i might not extremely suggest biking there for 1st time Angkor guests. there is such a lot to examine on your 1st day, and if you are biking and creating yourself tired, you will not be ready to fancy the temples the maximum amount.

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